Influence of Classroom Variables on Interest of Undergraduate Students in Cataloguing and Classification in Selected Library Schools in South-West, Nigeria

Kenneth Ivo Ngozi, NWALO (Ph.D) and Bilikis Adefunke, BABARINDE
Volume 18; January - June 2014 view(s)564 view(s)


This study, investigated the effect of classroom variables (instructional materials, physical environment, teaching methods and lecturers attribute) on undergraduate students’ interest in cataloguing and classification in selected library schools in South-West, Nigeria. 
The study adopted the ex-post facto type of survey research design. All the undergraduate students (200 level – 400 level) of the Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies of the University of Ibadan and Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun State totaling 427 were involved in the study (266 students of Tai Solarin and 161 undergraduate students of University of Ibadan).The instrument used in the study was Undergraduate Student’s Interest in Cataloguing and Classification Questionnaire (USICCQ). Data collected were analysed using frequency count, percentages, mean, standard deviation and multiple regression analysis.
The following classroom variables had significant effects on undergraduate students; interest in cataloguing and classification: -Instructional materials (  = 0.34; t = 8.32; P <0.05); physical environment (  = 0.31; t = 7.73; P < 0.05), and teaching methods ( = 0.28; t = 6.92; P < 0.05). However, Lecturers’ attribute   (  = 0.20; t = 0.48; P >0.05) had no significant effects on undergraduate students’ interest in cataloguing and classification. It is recommended that the library schools should provide adequate instructional materials in a conducive environment for students.  Lecturers in cataloguing and classification should arouse students’ interest in learning the course by making learning attractive through effective deployment and use of requisite facilities and resourcefulness.

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