The Factor of Cognitive Styles in Mathematical Performance of Senior Secondary School Students in Osun State, Nigeria

‘Demola Adeleke, Ph.D and Sunday Elugbadebo
Volume 17; January - December 2012 view(s)765 view(s)


The study examined the types of cognitive styles exhibited by senior secondary school students in Osun State and examined how these styles influence students’ performance in Mathematics. The interaction of sex with these styles to influence performance was also examined. A sample of 720 senior secondary two students was involved in the study using the ex-post facto design. Two instruments namely Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT) and Achievement Test in Mathematics (ATM) were used. Findings of the study showed that the students exhibited field dependent versus field independent cognitive styles. A significant difference occurred in the Mathematics performance between field dependent and field independent students (t= 37.63, df = 718, p< 0.05).  Likewise performance of male and female students who exhibited field-dependence style differed significantly (t= 7.24, df = 336, p < 0.05). The study, therefore, concluded that cognitive style influences students’ performance in Mathematics.

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