Assessment of Teachers' ICT Readiness for Basic Technology Instruction in Junior Secondary Schools: A Case Study of Abeokuta South Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria

EGUNJOBI, A. Olusegun (Ph.D) and Wasiu, S. ADETUNJI
Volume 18; January - June 2014 view(s)196 view(s)


This study assessed the teachers’ ICT readiness for Basic Technology (BT) instruction in junior secondary schools: a case study of Abeokuta South Local Government Area in Ogun State, Nigeria. The sample population, which was purposively selected comprises 10 BT teachers from 5 public and 5 private junior secondary schools in the LGA used for the study. They consist of both male and female teachers. The study was an ex post facto type and also a case study, thus, the paucity in the number of the participants. A structured questionnaire tagged Teachers’ ICT-Readiness Questionnaire (TICTRQ) with a total Cronbach Alpha coefficient of 0.81 was used to collect data. Two hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Findings showed that, male teachers were more fully ready and prepared to utilise ICT facilities for BT instruction than their female counterparts with the result t-cal = 2.46 greater than t-crit = 1.51, df = 8. Also finding revealed that, teachers in private JSS were more prepared and fully ready to utilise ICT facilities for BT instruction more than their counterparts in public JSS with the result t-cal = 1.72 greater that t-crit = 1.33, df = 8. Therefore, recommendations were proffered that teachers and students in both public and private JSS need to be more ICT-compliant and in fact, more techno-phile for the utilization of ICT facilities for BT instruction and other school subjects in Ogun State particularly and Nigeria generally.

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