Current Issue: Volume 29, December, 2023

Volume Description

AfricAfrican Journal of Educational Research is a multi-disciplinary journal, hence it publishes articles in various areas in the field of education and other related academic disciplines. The current edition (Volume 29) consists of articles published in December, 2023. There are altogether 17 articles in Volume 29 of the journal. All the 17 articles in volume 29 are for December, 2023 edition and most of them are research-based. The contributors are seasoned scholars. Articles in this volume of AJER address current educational issues and problems. It is no gainsaying the fact that volume 29 edition of AJER contains well researched and discussed academic papers that make positive contributions to knowledge, scholarship and practice.Therefore, individuals, researchers, teachers, educators, ministries and agencies saddled with the responsibility of addressing the problems of education would find the papers useful reference materials. In addition, postgraduate students pursuing masters and doctoral degree programmes in various fields of education, and who are currently in the stage of literature review of their projects and theses would find AJER a rewarding companion.

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